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Fall for the Gap




Every time I see the smiles of women like Lauren Hutton, Vanessa Paradis and Georgia May Jagger I find myself wishing for a little gap between my two front teeth.  Am I the only one?  Forget braces, these ladies’ smiles are tops in my book.

(via Style Caster)

Coolest Map Ever.





This large signed silk screen print is of a hand drawn (wow) map of the world.  Created by Oliver Jeffers (great name, right?) for The Royal We, the print is not only charming, but also “comes with 202 pins to chart your path to total global domination.”  Hilarious!  Let the games begin…

(via the fabulous Chasing Heartbeats)

An Education



John is out of town so tonight I will be curling up with Alfred and a glass of Elizabeth Rose rosé (a gift from a friend in Napa—I’ll let you know what I think!) to watch An Education.  I’ve heard such wonderful things and it finally came out on DVD this morning.  I think Carey Mulligan is the cutest and am eager to see all the vintage costumes and interiors.  Have you seen it?  Am I in for a treat?

UPDATE:  I already finished it!  Carey Mulligan was positively lovely.  Her character was such a kindred spirit (the Catholic school girl memories came rushing back…).  Any Neo-Trads that have yet to see it absolutely must, you’ll be charmed, I’m sure of it!  Off to download the soundtrack… XO Katie