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My modern day style icon? Emmanuelle Alt, the stylish editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris. Apparently she hasn’t been spotted in a skirt or dress since 2008, but her signature skinny jean style never bores. I think I’ll have to do a French Voguette “get the look” post next…

Who is your modern style icon?

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4 comments on “Emmanuelle Alt

  1. Petya K. Grady

    I like her too. I think many women like her because she looks like someone who actually WORKS. There are so many beautiful women whose style I admire but is only realistically achievable if you work in fashion (many of them do).

  2. Garden Bay Garden Supplies

    I want to name my daughter after Carine Roitfeld, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, or Emmanuelle Alt, the fashion director of Vogue Paris.

    I love Vogue Paris. It has been a huge influence on my life, since Carine became editor and Emmanuelle became fashion director and I want to name my daughter after one of them, because it will mean she will have a fashionable, stylish, classic name and will be named after one of the coolest people alive.

    So, which name do you like better; Carine or Emmanuelle?

    [By the way, Carine is pronounced kah-REEN and Emmanuelle is pronounced ay-mahn-WEHL in French and eh-MAN-yoo-EL in English. but I will be going more with the French pronunciation].

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