Just Call Me Audrey

I fell in the love with this dress on Topshop and was inspired to create an Audrey-esque roundup. I tried to keep everything reasonably affordable so I could justify splurging on the entire ensemble…yes, I’m hopeless.

1) TopShop 3/4 Sleeve Ponte Midi Dress 2) Kate Spade Pearl Street Drop Earrings 3) NARS Lip Pencil 4) J.Crew Double Bow Clutch — obsessed!!! 5) Charles-Hubert Paris Watch 6) Steve Madden Sequin Flats

Delusional House Hunting

My new favorite form of procrastination? House hunting on Zillow. Never mind that we’re years away from buying, why would I let a a dreary slice of reality like that deter me? This morning I stumbled upon this house in Charleston, South Carolina — 7 Lamboll Street. I’m convinced I’d be quite happy there, yes, quite happy indeed.

Vintage Chanel Goodness

Did you know that Shopbop sells vintage Chanel?! I don’t know what rock I’ve been living under, but I nearly fainted when I discovered these beauties online today. They cost a pretty penny, but lord knows if I had extra around I’d be snapping one up as an “investment” (my favorite word when it comes to big ticket purchases…). I think it’s neat that they’re vintage so there’s just one of each! Which would you choose – one, two, or three?

Sidewalk Skimmer

I don’t know about you, but these sidewalk skimmers from Madewell would sure put a skip in my step! I love them all so much, how’s a girl to choose just one pair? The leopard would be fun with a black cigarette pant, the patent green (what a great hue…) with denim, and the yellow suede with just about anything for spring. Which would you choose?