Just Being Audrey

Thanks to my friend Sarah I just learned about an adorable new Audrey Hepburn book titled Just Being Audrey.  It’s a beautifully illustrated children’s book about Ms. Hepburn’s inspiring life from her childhood growing up in Nazi-occupied Europe to her later years dedicated to being a UNICEF ambassador.  The official release date isn’t until the 25th, but according to Sarah Anthropologie is already selling copies.  See you there!

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A heartfelt thank you…

Good morning loves!  I just wanted to write a special thank you to everyone who showed up at Aventine last night.  We had the entire downstairs packed — I couldn’t believe my eyes!  I met so many charming readers and was tickled pink by the entire experience.  Among you there are lawyers, law students, PR girls, stay-at-home moms, businesswomen and of course, my dear fellow bloggers.  You are beautiful, sophisticated and kind — I was so impressed.  My only wish is that I had more time to chat with everyone!  We’ll just have to do it again sometime : )  Thank you for attending and for being your charming selves.  I am truly flattered to call you my readers and friends!

xx Katie

Just a reminder…

I’ll be meeting some girlfriends for drinks this evening at 6:30 at Taverna Aventine.  Drop in and say hi if you like.  Bloggers and readers alike : )  xo

P.S. I got my haircut by Alex at diPietro Todd on Post Street and it looks fantastic (if I do say so myself).  Very short a la Jean Seberg.  I love Michelle Williams and the rest, but I think this best accentuates my bone structure.  I hope you ladies like it! : )  Thank you for all your input!