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Parisian Dreams






What I would give for one week in Paris! I love perusing all the charming flats for rent on Airbnb. This cozy place on Rue Visconti in the super chic Saint Germain des Près neighboorhood is tugging at my heart strings. For one week I just want to sleep in, museum hop, and indulge in entirely too much cheese, macarons, and bubbly. Someday soon… :)

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I just about died when I stumbled upon these photos of The Cherry Blossom girl at Monet’s home and garden, Giverny. I’ve had the good fortune to visit Paris many times, but I’ve never voyaged northwest to see them — this must be remedied! Field trip, anyone?

P.S. Of course she has the Chloé boots I have been madly in love with for ages… They really are perfection. Someday!